Italian leader in personal and household care. Passion for fragrance and experience of tradition lead us towards excellent products, featured by unique and unmistakable notes, able to inspire consumers feelings and improving their quality of life.

  • A story which begins a long time ago

    In 1876, in Alessandria, a town in Piedmont, Lodovico Paglieri got the idea of starting a production by the name of Paglieri in a small laboratory located in the very central Vittorio Emanuele Square. It turned out to be a brilliant idea! Year after year new perfumes, make-up and creams were successfully bought by selected and refined customers.

  • The birth of the myth

    In 1923 something special took place: the birth of the Eau de Cologne Felce Azzurra and in 1926 the birth of the talcum Felce Azzurra that not only marked an era but nowadays triumphs on the market being the unique product of its kind, even after more than 90 years. The formula of Felce Azzurra – which is made by more than 100 ingredients coming from all over the world – it is still now a secret family heritage. It is handwritten in a precious pocket-book which first belonged to the great-grandfather and now it is handed on from father to son.

  • Velluto di Hollywood

    “Velluto di Hollywood” was one of the sons of Paglieri innovation. It consisted of an utterly refined face powder which allowed application with a dry or wet sponge taking the type of skin and the desired cover degree into account. It was an unprecedented success which carried the glamour of the cinema with its “femmes fatales”.

  • ADV

    The 40’s marked another key step in Paglieri’s history: the assertion of the image. Indeed, it was in that period that Boccasile created the work of art “La donna coi fiori” (the woman with the flowers) which still represents the icon and symbol of Paglieri’s products.

  • The 50’s The economic boom

    At the end of the War, the company rented a real plant in a green and residential district. The work of about 400 employees was able to guarantee the production of goods with evocative names like “Paradiso Perduto” (Paradise Lost), “Fruscio di Veli” (Whispering of Veils), “Acqua di Gaia” (Gaia’s Water), “Fauno” (Faun) and “Tabacco Ambrato” (Amber Tobacco). privileged work conditions were granted to Paglieri’s employees: a day nursery for children at an early age and the extension of the lunch break, to give the opportunity to have lunch at home. The first computer system, pride of the small industry, was installed thanks to Paglieri’s great foresight.

  • First steps on TV

    By grasping important opportunities offered by new forms of communication, the company made a large investment on the young Italian television by signing some of the most famous commercials (Caroselli with Alberto Lupo, a famous actor, and the Cetra Quartet). All that in order to make Felce Azzurra’s products familiar.

  • Felce Azzurra Bubble Bath

    Magic, seduction, glamour, well-being. It’s Felce Azzurra. The perfume of the sweetest and most delightful moments which have to be enjoyed and remembered becomes a real “Beauty Bath”. Thanks to its unmistakable fragrance, Felce Azzurra’s bubble bath conquers the heart of Italians.
    Through television, press and external ways of communication, Felce Azzurra’s image reached Italian families by supporting important range extensions for a beautifully perfumed “bath cocktail”.

  • Cléo

    The Eighties began with another great success: Cléo, the female line dedicated to beauty care which still is one of the best selling lines today. Cléo Bagno Latte (Bath Milk) represents the most original idea of that period. For the first time, where cosmetic cleaning products were concerned, a food ingredient was used: the natural proteins of milk. All that by being ahead in the cosmetic trend.

  • Healthy lips

    In the 80s, another success of the Paglieri company was born, the line for the lips care. Labrosan is the brand that takes care of the whole family lips since ever through specifically studied products to have healthy and beautiful lips!

  • The 90’s A world of quality

    In 1996 Paglieri obtained the ISO 9002 Certification from the Quality Certificate Institute for Chemical Industry, it was the first company in this sector. Moreover, in January 2002 it obtained the certification in accordance with the Vision 2000 laws.

  • Laundry and Air Care

    Felce Azzurra’s tradition evolved during the years without modifying its customer care and respect by ensuring the same passion and respect for body, laundry and environment for the last 90 years. For this reason Felce Azzurra Il Bianco – a perfumed cuddle for the laundry – and Felce Azzurra Aria di Casa – air freshner line - are born.

  • For Babies & Kids

    Paglieri has been caring for your skin for more than 140 years and now also takes care of younger children with products specifically studied for more delicate skins and formulated to make bath-time a pleasant, enjoyable moment. With SapoNello, everything is transformed by magic into a game!

  • Mon Amour, love for your laundry

    In 2009 a new brand was born in Casa Paglieri: Mon Amour, a brand that has its strength in love for laundry. With appealing graphics, bright colors and extra-scented formulas, Mon Amour gives a multisensory experience to consumers, who soon fell in love with its softeners and laundry detergents.

  • Tradition gets a new look

    Since 2016 a new path for brands of Casa Paglieri has started, in particular Felce Azzurra brand has been the subject of a great relaunch. Innovating in tradition, new products are more modern and elegant with a focus on increasing attention to quality and new trends. Supported by a smart and eye-catching communication, Felce Azzurra's launches in Personal Care with Baths and Showers and in Home Care with Softeners and Detergents have attracted the attention of new consumers and reaffirmed loyalty of customers.